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Image by Allec Gomes

'If you're afraid to use your voice, give up your seat at the table' Michelle Obama


I started unscripted as a place to keep my own musings as a creative outlet. Upon reflection, I felt I could also optimise it to share visibility for my work on other platforms where I'm steadily increasing content. However, I do believe that the quality of the articles matters much more than the quantity.

The topics of the podcasts, videos or blogs I've written mostly cover how we can leverage technology to alleviate poverty in the developing world and making the world a more fair, equitable and innovative place by re-designing our system and processes. 

They are from organisations with whom I've worked.  They share my broad philosophy favouring the use of the power and influence they have to make change. With this change comes opportunities to connect underrepresented groups and builds eco systems.

Acting with intention- 3 ways to set your DEI strategies for success.png
blog: 3 ways to set your DEI strategies for success

For many companies, creating a DEI strategy is no longer a “nice to have” - it’s essential to attracting and retaining the best talent and building representation. Find out my thoughts on the three core principles to fostering a diverse community here

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 5.12.18 pm.png
video: build a strong employer brand with lessons from music

The impact of an organisation’s employer brand on employees and candidates is similar to music: it can get them excited, evoke feelings of belonging, safety and nostalgia. Find out how I use my love for music to demonstrate this here

Part 1.jpeg
blog: how you can be an intersectional ally (part 1)

An ally is someone who is not a member of a community but engages in action to support said community. Allyship is really seeing the person next to us, and the person missing who should be next to us. Learn more in part 1 to my 2 part series here

blog: tokenism: a double sided coin

I speak on tokenism as it pertains to my personal experience. Some of these situations may apply to other underrepresented groups too. That said, their experiences are likely worse, or similar at best. Read more here

blog: you are here

I'm always inspired to know that sharing my experiences makes an impact. When someone says: ‘I’ve always struggled with this, or I’ve never heard anyone say it the way you just did, or I’m so glad you did...’ it inspires me to keep thinking and doing. Even if it impacts only a few, it's worth it. Find out more about that and my creative process here

mHealth tools image by Tobias
article: how mhealth tools can contain an outbreak

We hosted Mobile Monday and many mHealth experts shared how the improved visibility afforded by mHealth tools and adoption of emerging standards will allow integration of systems to provide enterprise level management of healthcare solutions. Find out more here

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 5.03.31 pm.png
blog: 7 years. 7 lessons. 7 thoughtworkers

It's important to give people their flowers whilst they're here to receive them. Upon reflection on my 7 years at Thoughtworks, a place where I've grown by leaps and bounds, I take some time to shout out 7 people who have contributed to my success here

Part 2.jpeg
blog: how you can be an intersectional ally (part 2)

Read the second part to 'How you can be an intersectional ally' which looks at more examples of ways you can be an ally to just a few of various underrepresented groups. Find out more in part 2 here

podcast: fiona & siham are telling a different story

Siham and I were recently hosted on in between the podcast for creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and action-takers navigating the messy yet beautiful, space in between where they are and where they're going. Listen to our episode here

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 10.59.16 am.png
statement: I stand in solidarity against racism and police violence

The war waged on black, brown and indigenous lives by institutionalised racism within police forces and systemic discrimination against first nations peoples, migrant workers, immigrants and asylum seekers must end. We released a statement and I added my signature to it. Read on to see the other signatures on it here

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 8.55.41 pm.png
blog: using technology to drive change in africa

This was a fun collaborative project to work on with the teams in ThoughtWorks Uganda and South Africa. This team of frugal innovators works towards breaking frontiers based on economically sustainable business models that enable social change and citizen engagement across all regions of Africa. Watch the video here.

CKW - Uganda.png
article: building our strength one ckw at a time

The CKW program worked towards helping the Uganda’s poorest to take footsteps and lift themselves out of poverty by providing mobile phone-based solutions that address “information poverty” in the fields of agriculture, financial services, health and livelihoods. Find out how we took this approach, one farmer at a time by reading more here

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