7 reasons you should start listening to podcasts now

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Let's dive right in, shall we?

1. Personal and Professional Growth

Do you want to work on your personal development and stay educated and informed? How about learning more about your career or profession or listening to experts in your field? Traditional education is sometimes rigid in teaching established ideas whereas podcast creators who specialise in their respective passion areas are up to date weekly on the latest information.

Recommended podcasts: HBR Women

2. Get inspired and motivated

If like me you have hundreds of ideas dancing around in your head, it can take a lot of self-discipline to set goals and complete the necessary steps to achieve them. By listening to motivational podcasts, you can gain the optimism and motivation needed to make each day count and delve into the ideas you are passionate about. You'll most likely find a podcast that will truly uplift you.

Recommended podcasts: The Daily Boost, Happier with Gretchen Rubin

3. Enjoy the (mostly) Free Variety Available to You

In 2013, there were almost 100 podcasts being launched every day on iTunes so if you’re out to relax and have fun, you’re in luck! There are a wide variety of podcasts that feature comedians telling stories, getting involved in lively debates, and making ordinarily tricky topics lighthearted and fun. Best of all, they have very little advertising. Most podcasts will mention their sponsors at the beginning of the podcast, after which the information flows uninterrupted, unlike TV or radio.

Recommended podcasts: Small Doses by Amanda Seales, 2 Dope Queens

4. Optimise your Time and Spend it More Effectively

Think of all the time you spend commuting to work, or going on your daily run, or even cleaning the house (yikes)! That’s a lot of time that can be used a lot more effectively. By listening to podcasts while you drive, run, or clean, you’re enjoying hands-free learning while you do other things. They are there to entertain my brain at times when reading would be impractical. I really enjoy my commute from home to work and back when I listen to my favourite podcasts. I get inspired, educated and entertained which makes a daily 30 min train ride fly by!

Recommended podcast: Still Processing

5. Stay Informed about current events.

Spending too much time listening to the news is depressing. A good podcast offers exciting debates that allow you to develop your view of the problem. They often go much more in-depth into an issue and add in a bit of entertainment value while they’re at it.

Recommended podcast: Super Soul Conversations by Oprah Winfrey

6. Connect to the Discussions

Listening to such conversations, and hearing the participants real voices can help connect us to the discussion. Audio also allows for music and sound effects that can help tell the story. Neither is inherently better, but some stories work better in audio and others work better as text. It can also be handy in situations where one needs to hear examples, such as language lessons, sound effects and the passion within a story to drive a point home.

Recommended podcast: Passing Through Nneka J

7. Escape through Entertainment

Discover many fun podcasts for the pure entertainment value they're meant to provide and as a way to focus on different experiences than you're accustomed to dealing with daily. A variety of radio shows, comedians, and celebrities have podcasts that are nothing less than entertaining.

Recommended podcasts: The Read, Jesus and Jollof


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