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Updated: Aug 31, 2019

‘Brissy’ is the bustling capital of Australia’s Sunshine State, Queensland.

I’m probably biased because the weather is similar to home (Uganda) Except for the Summer (Dec-Feb). I mean I’m fine with the sun’s rays when they kiss my cheeks in 5 or 6 degree weather in the winter. But the sunshine and heat in the Summertime? Ah ah!! It tests me every year. More-so because, as the year ends, day break is as early as 4am and by 10am the sun’s rays feel like they’re 30cm behind you. That aside, the humidity often messes up my afro - so…

I love Brisbane winters, they’re the best! Not too cold, no snow or anything dramatic like that and if you’re lucky, you might go as high as 20 degrees on a good day! If you subtract the 3-4 months of sticky heat, the weather for the rest of the year is glorious.

Here are other magical things that I enjoy about Brisbane:

There are plenty of public transportation opportunities to cater to your taste. Buses, ferries, taxis, cycling paths, and designated walkways. The only thing missing is boda bodas.

Atmosphere Of Brisbane City

There are no words to describe the atmosphere that governs the city. You just need to experience it for yourself. One thing for sure, once you get a taste of the relaxing outdoors Brisbane lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to let go of it. Truth be told, it’s the kind of addiction that is certainly good for you. The number of immigrants among local residents in huge, and this only serves to make it a much friendlier place. People move here to enjoy their lives and relax. Is it any wonder that they are friendly towards each other and the new arrivals who only start to discover all that the city has to offer?

Amazing Entertainment Opportunities

Brisbane has some kind of entertainment to offer to everyone. Galleries, concerts, festivals, shows, restaurants, clubs, you name it! If you are a party-person, you can easily find dozens of opportunities to celebrate life every day as there is always something exciting going on.

Brisbane's beach culture is breathtaking

You can’t talk about Brissy without mentioning its beautiful sun-soaked beaches. Bribie Island offers some of Queensland’s most gorgeous stretches of sand, and Ocean Beach is a must-visit surf spot. Here, you’ll find learn-to-surf classes running most days. Also check out Cylinder Beach, Frenchman’s Beach and Main Beach at North Stradbroke Island, each around 40 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD. Surfside and Honeymoon Bay at Moreton Island, around 25km off Brisbane’s shore, are also worth a visit.


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