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Support Black Businesses | Uganda Edition

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

In this edition of support black businesses, I share and review some my favorite Ugandan businesses that I know and/or have supported over time. I'm inspired by the grit of these entrepreneurs and the consistency of their services despite the toughest of odds. I hope you're inspired to support from wherever you are as many of them can be found online.


The Cradle

Manuela Mulondo is the founder and CEO of The Cradle, a 24 hr childcare and lactation centre designed for the workplace providing professional care for children with working parents. They nurture and provide quality child care for children between 0-48 months in a safe, conducive environment. She envisions a Uganda where women are free to maximise their full potential and still be able to enjoy motherhood without choosing one over the other. Explore their programs here


Jauharah Kayemba is the founder of KleenMaids which has been in operation for 15+ years now. They pride themselves in being a long term provider of professional residential cleaning solutions. Their focus is on domestic solutions; specifically both live-in and live-out maid services and their solutions are tailor made to cater to client needs. If your domestic situation in need of some help in this area, find out more here

The Framed Solutions

Dr. Faith Nanyonga, a Virologist and mentorship enthusiast runs is a platform runs The Framed Solutions. It's a podcast she created to help people take their first leap towards anything they'd like to achieve; from advancing your career to starting a business or living a healthy lifestyle. She takes on a unique approach whilst using her extraordinary journey to inform how she collaborates with her clients. If you are ready to take action, check out The Framed Solutions.

Teesa Advisory Services

Henriette Paula Mugisa is the founder of Teesa Advisory Services, a non-traditional business advisory firm that creates online gigital courses for micro, small and medium enterprises in Uganda. Their philosophy is they break down the steps for you to take control of your business’ growth by strategising, planning, coordinating and implementing all of the activities required for you to achieve your business’ goals.

Caring Hearts Uganda

Caring Hearts Uganda is a non-profit organisation founded by Barbara Kyagulanyi in 2013. Their work focuses on shaping and empowering the youth to walk the straight path in life by helping them build great foundations to guarantee a virtuous future for themselves. They've been on a mission to raise the living standards of young people through the promotion of proper menstrual healthcare, personal development and entrepreneurial skills. You can find out more about their work and donate here.


So far Sounds - Kampala

So Far Sounds' concept of supporting artists around the world through live shows and performances is noble, and I like it. When I found out that Kampala was one of the select cities with So Far Sound live shows, I was excited. These shows let you discover the magic of their worldwide intimate performances in secret venues, including Kampala. Join the Kampala chapter at their unique spaces by signing up to get into their next gig here

A Ka Dope

Simply put: A Ka Dope is a collective of dope events in Kampala! This platform was co-founded by Kemiyondo Coutinho to showcase dopeness in Uganda. What I love about it is they use this platform to give undiscovered Ugandan talent opportunities to showcase their art. They recently announced their return with an online talent search competition where 12 undiscovered acts performed alongside established artists to stand a chance to win a professional record deal. Find out how you can support them here


Fezah is a technology and entertainment company serving African musicians and event professionals. They offer Fezah booking and Airplay monitoring, two mobie applications to promote musicians. They were quick to adapt to the COVID reality introducing the Fezah Live pay-per-view online concert platform in less than a month after Uganda's initial lockdown. They did so well that they were recently featured on CNN's Inside Africa.


Nansera Wellness

This uniquely beautiful practice wellness platform was started by Cissy, a yoga teaching, wanderlust-ing, mostly smiling, tropical being, living her best life everyday. She says she laughs too much, and hopes you catch it too if not already. She invites you to join in as she journeys through life one phase at a time.

Alt Lifestyle

Atamba Lakeli is a lifestyle coach and the founder of ALT.Lifestyle health and fitness. She stopped her clinical nursing to train in fitness instructing and to pursue the expansion of her ALT lifestyle platform where she could reach people before they develop any cardiovascular diseases. She guides you on a path with fewer or no prescription drugs, a path full of an active and enjoyable life. Her medical background has made her firmly believe an evidence-based approach is safer, ensuring long-lasting results.

Lose it Africa

Bbira Kafumbe developed a program called Lose It Africa; a service that advocates for adopting a healthy way of living, rather than a quick fix diet. She's consistent with different ways to inspire her growing community. With this program, she shares struggles, supports her community through the journey with helpful tips to live a healthy lifestyle. She also shares recipes, and exciting ways to learn to stay active and keep off the weight. Find out how you can participate here


Food that grew us

Building on years of research and close observation, Design expert Jonathan Kabugo presents recipes, truths, and mysteries inspired by the two women that raised him, his mother and her's. All gleaned from various regions across Uganda. Innovative, easy to follow, and delicious, these healthy living recipes illuminate the brilliant, delicious way of meal preparation in Uganda, which have been proven to improve health, extend life, and fill kitchens with happiness. Get your copy here

A kitchen in Uganda

Sophia Musoki is a Ugandan food blogger, writer and photographer. She's a strong advocate for eating local, exploring Ugandan food and way of cooking and using indigenous produce to make scrumptious meals. Her work through A Kitchen in Uganda has been instrumental in bringing Ugandan cuisine to the world. Her art is so outstanding that she has been featured on Cuisine Noir, CNN, City Press and many other publications. Further more, she's self published 3 e-books one of which won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2015. Her blog has been nominated for the prestigious Saveur Magazine blog award in the food culture category. What can't she do? Her work is truly inspiring. See for yourself here.

Kanyana's Bakery

Kanyana’s is a family owned and operated bakery in Kampala, established in 2008. They make all their pastries fresh every day, from scratch and with only the finest ingredients. They also offer breakfast tray catering for organisations as well as family events including birthdays, weddings, baby and bridal showers, a truly tasty experience! My favorite thing about them is all all their products are baked from scratch every day, which means they're always fresh. Find out more about them here.

KweNu Juice Bar

KweNu is a Kampala based health and wellness brand that's passionate about inspiring you to be the best and healthiest version of yourself. Their menu is packed with healthy yummy goodness ad they also have an immune boosting juice plan. Find out more about them here


Saatiyo Kampala

First of all - I love the name. Saati-yo is a t-shirt fashion store that's been in operation since 2003 selling t-shirts that allow patrons to express themselves. Saati-yo; translates to, "its your shirt!!" Check them out, see the options for yourself and make your order here

Umuringa Creations

Linda Butare Mulira is a poet, writer, jewellery designer and founder of Umuringa Creations. You can be sure you'll find authentic hand made limited edition jewellery because her pieces are unique, bold and I'm certain she's only ever created one of each. I've never met a creator like her, she's full of life, her spirit and aura is contagious and she celebrates herself so authentically. In her own words:

Do not bask in someone else's relevance, learn to seek your own next time when someone asks you who you sure to let them know how you are a child of the Most High and you are divine and beautifully and wonderfully made and you are here for a reason.

Discreet Street

Discreet Street Uganda is a leather goods and festival wear store whose products are handmade in Uganda with unique Ugandan artisanship and design. 20% of proceeds from selected items are donated to a home for pregnant teenage mothers in Uganda called 'Youth for Christ'

Bold in Africa Bold in Africa is an award-winning, Ugandan-based, retail outlet that houses over 30 emerging designers from countries across the African continent. ‘Bold’ is a fitting description of founders and designers, Angela Nkwaya, Nunu Mugyenyi and Janet Mugume who believe there's power in numbers. Bold creates opportunities for designers to retail their collections in affordable spaces with excellent exposure.

Chic Moments

Chic Moments which was founded by Yvonne Kamurasi is a style blog that gives you tips and exciting new ways to explore your personal style. They have an online store based in Uganda offering exclusive trendy fashion alternatives for ladies. I like Yvonne's approach to fashion because she makes styling look so simple, relatable and most importantly, doable by anyone looking to switch up their style. Find out more about what she does and what options you can consider trying at ChicMoments shop


Kentaro homemade organics

Charlyn Kentaro Otim is the Founder of Kentaro Handmade Organics which provides plant-based hair & skin care. Charlyn is passionate about getting women to love the way their hair grows out of their skin naturally. Her vision for the business is “To be on every bathroom shelf across Africa for a start.” I wear my hair natural and I can say these are some of the best natural hair products I've used and I keep finding ways to ensure I have a good supply for my family and I. Check them out if you're a naturalista or know someone that is.


This brand celebrates hair in its natural state by carefully customising the care options and diverse styling available for it to thrive and ensure each strand is lovingly groomed. Their strength is in delivering the fundamental hair care and gentle protective styling needed. Think of them as your natural hair-doctor that applies your treatments, hair trims, hair cleansing and gentle styles as needed. Yes to natural hair care. Check out all the cool stuff they do here

I recommend trying out these brands because they're some (of very many) hardworking smart and creative people on the Ugandan entrepreneurial scene. There's definitely lots more where that came from.

Love and Light


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