[Taking Stock] Jan - Mar | 2020

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

If you're new here, 'Taking Stock' is a mini self check series which documents my thoughts in a repeatable format and take stock of the past 3 months.

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Congrats on making it through the longest 3 months ever!

Feeling gratitude for the health of my loved ones, the flexibility to WFH yet heavy-hearted for the millions who are not in that boat. The air is heavy with equal parts panic and caution. It's palatable.

Pondering how we can harness the good things about technology while avoiding its dehumanising aspects

Getting acquainted with Jhené Aiko's trigger protection mantra.

Encouraged by Norway's Prime Minister who held a 30 minute press conference to help children process covid-19

Awestruck by the medical professionals walking into the fires Each. And. Every Day!

Drinking loads of water. Humidity, sunshine and heat have a way of making you more responsible with your hydration.

Reading Austin Kleon's work. So succinct, interesting and practical.

Learning that being able to regulate everything is everything.

Food, alcohol, moods, emotions, reactions — to have ownership over these is to own your life. You can't expect too much too soon, it takes time and practise.

Thinking about how covid-19 is smashing paradigms - and how despite how public health concerns are front-of-mind, the risk of unintended collateral damage to societies is disturbing.

Loving the He's Got the Whole World in His hands' mashup that Tyler Perry started and ask musicians to chime in. I keep saying this: there's nothing like music. It unites. It heals. It's boundless.

Image by Khe Hy, creator of RadReads

Loving that Billie Eilish and Finneas won 5 grammys! They're so talented and have such a genuine love for each other as siblings. It's beautiful to watch.

Understanding that everyone is doing the best they can during these unprecedented times

Considering what to do with the recent revelation that trying to make others happy is a waste of time. I can only support them and be there for them, but creating a good life is their gig. Just as creating mine is mine.

Watching Homecoming, again!

Happy that the bushfires in Australia ended but wondering how (or if) the affected communities and families are rebuilding their lives amidst the pandemic uncertainties

Image by @GMF.designs

Marvelling at all the drama from Harry and Meghan's Megxit! Two grown consenting self sufficient adults who've chosen to step back from their royal duties (an option available to them)

Needing to go at least a day without hearing about covid-19. Fear, I've learnt, is more contagious than even the most virulent virus. Stay safe, stop shaking hands, and don't touch your face. Here are some very pertinent — and clarifying — stories I came across on Medium.

Smelling the sweet aroma of freshly baked rolls.

Wearing beautiful ornaments in my hair. Birthday swag loading...

Following @G_S_Bhogal after his mind blowing mega thread describing 40 powerful concepts for understanding the world in 40 tweets.

Noticing more and more representation, even across such big events like the Superbowl! Well done JLo and Shakira

Thinking about author and poet, Anne Lamott's quote on the benefits of rest: 'Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.'

Enjoying Tan Fran's 'Next in Fashion' show on Netflix

Liking Damian Marley's song speak life.

Excited by the opportunities that arise when crises inevitably end.

Marvelling at how life has been distilled down to its raw essence: family

Image by @haleydrewthis

Wondering why the good ones always go. RIP Kobe Bryant and everyone else who was aboard that dreadful helicopter ride! :(

Buying essentials.

Balancing being calm for myself but being worried for others.

Disliking how humanity gets sometimes during a time of crisis

Enjoying James Clear's 3-2-1 Thursdays newsletter. I highly recommend it.

Bookmarking Big Life Journal. Very helpful resource (among many) for parents and children during these uncertain times.

Feeling excited that Issa Rae's Insecure Season 4 is about to drop! Woot!

Looking forward to the new 007 movie, even though it's been moved to the end of the year.

Sorting myself out in readiness for Marie Kondo's new book Joy at Work

Listening to Michael Kiwanuka's Love & Hate. Feels like an appropriate soundtrack for the world right now.

Image by Nneka Julia

Dreading the inevitable home school /work from home experiment

Knowing that if we come out of this pandemic the same, then it will have all been for nothing.

Waiting but also angsty about what a post-pandemic world actually looks like

Wishing you, who's reading this, everything that brings you better energy =)

How are you holding up? What have the past three months been like for you?

Sending you love and light.


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